Jonathan JJ Jolin - Confidential Informant, Crack Who**, horn blower (literally), sends people to prison to be able to keep smoking Crack and Meth.
2 years ago
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This guy use to be the head of Entertainment at the Hardrock in Sioux City, IA but he worked there setting person after person up and sending them to prison. He is a chronic CRACK ADDICT AND LITTLE BIT**. He plays the saxophone and thinks he is the sh**. After the Feds were done with him in Sioux City he has continued his informant career and now lives in DALLAS, TX. He works for an entertainment company called, In Depths Events and he also claims to work at Linda's Jazz lounge, as the executive chef. BEWARE, this man he has sent many men and women to Federal and state prison to be able to continue his own use of crack, meth and alcohol!!!! I hope his judgement day comes and he meet the same God he is always preaching about!! He goes by JJ, Jon, Jonathan but none of that is important all you really need to know is this guy is the fu***** el numero uno punk as* bit** of the punk as* bitc***, and he's got a sweet little cu** mouth on him so he thinks he's a cute little bit** too!! Prison boys are going to like to get ahold of his snitch as* one day and that little cu** mouth too!!!

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Whoever among you that has no sin ,cast the first stone! All fall short of the glory of God, pray that you can lift you're brother up ,and stead of tear him down. Pray for you're enemies and those that do you wrong. For if you dont forgive them of their trespasses ,youre heavenly father will not forgive you, Jesus Christ is lord not man, so repent and make the lord king of your life ,my hope is everyone that reads will turn from their wicked ways , as god has dealt with me a sinner.Today iam free spiritually in Christ ,who the lord sets free is free indeed ,any day is s good day to die in the lord! For god has not given us the spirit of fear ,but of love and a sound mind! God forgive this person and take them out of darkness into you're light that they may know you're love and forgiveness ,for they know not what they do.
Jul 24 2020 08:49 AM
You don't see him posting on all of you snitches who posted this sh** , you shouldn't messed with him snitching on him first now you are exposed, and you want to blame someone for you're evil deeds, drugs ki** steal and destroy , its nothing but darkness and the devil , I pray the lord expose all of the enemies plans, Iam glad hes changed and maybe you hard head drug dealers that think you're doing something great when you're destroying lives and stealing and killing people will wake up and realize the battle is spiritual not physical , it sucks the life out of you , so quit hating and get Jesus christ in uoure life , you all fall short of the glory of god everyone has sinned forgive and let live ,and stay out of a lifestyle that only kills are steaks are destroys you're life .
Nov 26 2020 05:11 PM

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