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loves married men, will steal from anyone, giant who**, drd

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slept with my husband, then tried to sue him. Dumb dumb
Aug 15 2019 08:21 AM
Fake slanderous lies posted by the ex-wife. She now has a restraining order in Longview, WA against her for posting her slanderous lies all over the Internet. Nobody slept with her husband while she was together with her husband. And nobody tried to sue him. Doubt this? Look it up for yourself. Public records.
Feb 04 2020 11:45 AM
Girlfriend was found to be the original poster.
Mar 03 2020 02:52 PM
Too bad every time someone posts on here it leaves the IP address of the person posting. Unfortunately for you, it proves you were the original poster out here on this trash site. You share the same IP address as the original poster. Look for yourself. That means you have been breaking my restraining order against you. Who has lost all credibility now?
Apr 27 2020 04:29 PM
Hahaha! If you only knew tha trash he spread about you! You wouldn't be defending him! He hates women!
Aug 30 2020 08:20 PM
Ditto. His favorite name for his last ex-wife was “Grand Canyon”. How embarrassing for her….
Nov 10 2021 04:38 PM

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