Jason Napier - Jason Napier of HJMS in Paulding County Georgia is an Adulterer
3 years ago
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Jason Napier, teacher at HJMS in Paulding County Georgia, cheated on his loving and loyal wife Sarah. He betrayed his entire family by having an affair. He is a man without honor and can never be 100% trusted again. If he truly cared about his family more than himself he never would have selfishly lied and broken his sacred marriage vows. He is the shame of his family.

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heard the rumors about ole Nape but Daaaaamn! the wife needs to respect herself and find her someone better. YOLO
Mar 28 2019 11:45 AM
So glad to see someone finally post the man's name rather than going after the "other woman". She's not the one with the commitment to you women, these guys are but you hardly ever see them called out. So kudos to the original poster. It's nice to see some blame placed right where it should be.
Mar 29 2019 04:44 AM
Jason Napier teaches at HJMS doesn't he? Same dude?
May 04 2021 09:41 AM

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