Just a heads up let all ur people know I was in jail with a girl named merrielle hinz she is going to be working with task force and will be doing controlled buys she has a big mouth and will be working the Mason City Garner Hampton and even cedar rapids and Iowa City area she was talking about some familiar names I never let her know I new of these people and as of yesterday she was still in bremer county jail but will be out soon

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This is totally not true
Apr 03 2020 08:43 AM
So that's why I just got out of prison last week on two 25s with a mandatory right? Idk who you are but you're dead wrong. My name is on NOONES paperwork. Meanwhile the snitch on my sh** got probation. Controlled buys? When??? I never got out of Bremer county until i was on transport to mitchellville. Check your facts first.
Dec 23 2020 10:03 AM

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