Shauna Davie - Snitch Bit**
3 years ago
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Shauna Davie gave tons of names to the US Marshall's to get out of fed charges. Plus, she sleeps with attached men and she's married.

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This is crazy, then why does she have a record? Yes she is married, but she has never cheated on her husband and never would. Crazy how their is only on person that would put something like this lies out their. She kw would write this, bc of the date
Oct 14 2020 05:36 PM
I know who wrote this and its NOT freedom of press, its all lies, if y'all want the proof then ask why the writer got drug court as I got charged for. As for the men I am happily married, it was all a lie I should have give the writer, then my shoulder would be fine (me NOT in pain everyday) and she would not be facing more charges. Funny how things work out. She is/ was just as much of a role in all the drug as me if not more.
Feb 03 2021 10:48 PM

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