Terry Lee Midcap - Major Snitch
3 years ago
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Terry Lee Midcap of Weirton-Hancock County, WV is a 100% Confirmed Snitch. His Brothers are also Snitches. They All Brag about how they are untouchable. They are known drug dealers but nothing ever happens to them. Terry goes around bragging that he is a member of the Pagan Motorcycle Club- which he is not. Terry acts like he is your best friend but will rat and lie on you in a heartbeat. He will give Law Enforcement License plate numbers and Vehicle Descriptions of people he does not like to watch for. Him and his Brothers and Mother will give false statements to the Police and Sheriff Dept Just to get someone they don't like arrested.Terry is nothing but a Pus** Willie Nelson Wannabe. He hangs out at Roc N Franni's in Weirton and the River Club north of Weirton. He is nothing but a loudmouth Pus** who got his rear end kicked almost everyday after school. If you are friends with him or his brothers be very cautious and watch your back

Comments About Terry Lee Midcap

Don't trust him or his family and watch your back.
Mar 17 2019 06:40 PM
Feb 14 2020 10:21 AM
Sounds like the typing of a colvin cu** named cody lmfao!!
Feb 14 2020 10:40 AM
Yea none of them are any good. Just a bunch of Loud Mouth Hicks. Just don't trust any of them.
Apr 01 2020 05:47 PM
your the cu** terry lmfao
May 10 2021 04:18 PM

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