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Acts to be a "plug" but really waiting for the next weakest link for her to set up. She Set up someone with 245 grams to bail her own as* out of trouble. Shes Had police raid a house and blamed the drugs on WILLIAM ANDREW WALKER. Which he never lived or frequented the home and still got charged. She was never booked in gwinnett instead they kept her out of jail, until court. She got 3 years papers somehow and never had to do a day of probation here. probation just deported freely living in mexico. She is also a prostitute with HPV warts and intravenously shoots meth. has earliar snitching ties to Ramon Gayton, jorge guerra "sancho"

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Omg wow, ALL LIES! FONT YOU HAVE SOMETHING BETTER TO DO? FIRST OF ALL, ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME. Second, you must be mad at me, i can guess you are andrews babys mother, but i cant guarantee. Anyway all this information is false, andrew walker did live in his sisters house where he was let out on parole which he violated for stealing grom me and going on the run with you. I was in jail gor two years, and yes i got deported. But im no snitch, im no prostitute and i AM GODS CHILD. And so are you! You should seek him to gind real answers to all this anger you have inside of you, i wish for you the best in life and i hope you seek and find stuff that actually matters, not this kind of basic gwinnett drama bs. God bless!!
Dec 22 2021 10:09 PM

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