Chad R Moore - RAPIST
3 years ago
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Chad R Moore is a rapist. He pulled my pants down in my sleep, went through my phone and harrassed people, then stole my kid's TV. He's trash, and everyone in the old school Pensacola punk scene should know that he's a sexual abuser. He hangs out at The Handlebar, and drives (?) for Yellow Cab. Be forewarned if you ever get into his cab. he may be drunk, as he has a bad drinking problem and severe anger issues (he's physically attacked his former roommates in Portland, Oregon).

Comments About Chad R Moore

Hahaha. Story told by a drug addicted hooker. This is a bobo site for random slander that is punishable by law. Need to watch what you say about someone, it all comes back around.
May 22 2020 08:15 PM
Why did she stay 5 additional nights at his house if this incident happened one night #1
May 22 2020 08:17 PM
freeze peach, dumdum. slander laws are rarely applied, rapist, but you'd not know that as your brain is pickled. karma came back around for you, you pathetic crippled drunk... you're a barely functioning shell at this point. ki** yourself while your arms still function.
Dec 09 2020 02:56 AM
and this was a test just to see how much you google your own name, stupid. you failed, you brain dead lush. btw, she's doing well, and you're a old, sad, crippled washed up drunk. i can buy you a shotgun and shells, and even show you how to use them since the only thing you're skilled at is destroying your liver and stalking women like the sad old incel you are.
Dec 09 2020 03:00 AM
Dec 09 2020 03:03 AM
I guess you passed away from cirrhosis. REST IN PISS
Mar 02 2022 07:38 PM

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