Chris Sawyer & Amanda Naegle - Thieves

These two got me to sign on two separate bonds to get chris out of jail and then stopped making payments as agreed leaving me to deal with his sh**. Shes his girlfriend and called ME to ask for my help which I mistakenly gave them. I put my name in two separate bonds because chris was such a pus** he couldn't do the time for the crimes he committed. They paid for about 5 months then bagged out leaving me to deal with their sh** and pay over $3000 in bonds for his sorry as* because he cant man the fu** up and take care of his own sh**. Do not trust them. He will try to convince you hes a friend and can be trusted but they CAN NOT.

Comments About Chris Sawyer & Amanda Naegle

Scum bag low lifes. I agree.
Apr 26 2019 07:04 PM
Waste of air.. these guys Are trash
Nov 06 2020 11:00 AM

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